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Suitcase Storage

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Studio StorageI always get comments on my storage solution in the studio.  I stack vintage suitcases I have collected and have easy access to my endless caches of “stuff”. Lengths of trim, samples of passementerie, vintage fabrics, carpet samples….easily and neatly stowed in  plain site.  I always thought I would get fancy and hang luggage tags on them to identify the contents, but never get around to that level of Martha-ness.Open Suitcases

I like the vintage suitcases with fabric and leather trim best, but also admire the antique leather ones which are often such great colors.  I gave one to my friend Maritza to put on top of the custom Armoire that we had built for her bedroom.  It was the perfect match to the cherry stain of the Armoire.  In order to make her room look better, we needed to stack a dresser, closet and storage cubby into one unit.  By using the suitcase on top, we managed to wring every last bit of storage space from that corner.Armoire with Suitcase