Lamps are like jewelry for your rooms. They create warm pools of light that make a room inviting to look at and a pleasure to be in. When I had trouble finding the perfect lamps for my clients there was only one solution…build them myself. I use vintage, salvaged and repurposed parts to create custom lamps of all shapes, sizes and styles. My lamps are all freshly wired and topped with the perfect shade and finial, which could be new, vintage or custom made, and best of all, they’re one of a kind!

Edmonds_2 copySamantha_1 copyRegina_1 copyRodgers_2 copyPhillipa_1 copy
The-CelerysMalcom_1 copyMona_2 copyJolie_1 copyHenrietta_2 copy
Henrietta_1 copyGregory_2 copyFlora_1 copyEricsons_2 copyEdsel_1 copy
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