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Tivoli Mercantile and the Amazing Technicolored Chalkboard

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Color Chalkboard PaintChalkboard doesn’t need to be the black or green from school days of yore. While I was upstate this weekend, I went to this wonderful store called Tivoli Mercantile in Red Hook, New York.  They carry Hudson Paint, which features chalkboard paint in amazing colors.  Pinks!  Blues!  Chalkboards have all new possibilites, if you were hesitant about creating a blackboard door or wall (see previous post) because the black was a little bit overpowering, now you have many more options.Color Chalkboard

Tivoli Mercantile also carries paint developed for doors and floors as well as a primer.  I’m going to try the Lime Paint, which the company describes in their brochure as- “one of the world’s oldest paint formulas mixed with today’s best technology.  Lime is our liquid stone.  It is naturally anti-fungal, breathable and zero VOC.  Lime can be used in interior or exterior applications and produces a matte textured patina specific to the surface it is applied to.  Revive your home with one of the most natural paints available.”

Color Chalkboard

The paint is manufactured for them in a factory in the Hudson Valley.

Its so great finding small stores with niche products, Tivoli Mercantile had all kinds of interesting gadgets and clothes, besides their proprietary paint. If you’re trekking upstate, worth a visit!  5 East Market Street, Red Hook, New York.