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olive design studio pictureAlthough this is my first foray into the real blogosphere, I have been informally “blogging” with friends and clients for decades! I love to share information about what I see and find in the marketplace…things like green alternative building materials and cleaning products, paint and home furnishings. I cruise a stack of shelter and trade magazines every week and gather ideas, trends, products, and accessories that I think could be game-changers in your home or mine. I am on a first name basis with area upholsterers, painters, plasterers and installers of every stripe. I live in a great old house with loads of character and charm, but it has to stand up to a daily assault from two kids and two pets! If you read my blog regularly there will be plenty of pearls of wisdom to help you live more beautifully, comfortably, and conscientiously. Have a great Memorial Weekend and tune in next week!

5 comments “Olive Blog”

I love the new website. It is classy, artistic and certain to be a success..

Lovely site, Mary! Looking forward to seeing more.

Hi Mary, Nancy sent me the link and I am so jealous of your website. I also do similar work. I need to get myself back into it. My business is called House to Home Styling. I am now working part-time at a museum. With an only child who is off to college in a year, I need to sink myself into a big project. How busy are you with your business?

Business is up and down in this kind of economy. I do a lot of different things, framing, the lamps, decorative painting, in addition to the design work, so I keep myself busy. But I think a lot of people are holding back on big projects until it gets a little bit better.

hi Mary, I just got around to looking at the web site, and am very impressed. I might hire you in the future!   Any way, you do beautiful work and the site confirms what I already knew, you are very talented!

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