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Cycles Recycled

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Vintage Bikes

In the hope of Spring, and because this false winter has been so easy, I went bike shopping last weekend.  I was after a good solid bike for myself and one for my 11 year-old daughter.  The new ones I have looked at were either too cheaply made or the decent ones stratospherically expensive.  But as my style seems to lean toward yesteryear anyway, and I love recycling, I went for the vintage experience.

Brooklyn Vintage Bicycles, by Peter Whitley, is housed in a tent and basement store in Gerritsen Beach.  It’s a residential area and doesn’t look like anything from the street.  You call ahead and make an appt. with Peter.  I told him the two bikes I was after, my height and my daughters height and age.  When we got there I was amazed by the selection- more bikes than most bike stores I have visited.  All of them beautifully restored and ready to roll.  He showed us each about 4-5 bikes and we narrowed it down to a few that he and his partner brought upstairs so we could road test.Recycled Bikes

The caveats:  All the gears and cables are new or tuned up or reconditioned, everything works great, and there is a 30 day guarantee.  But remember these bikes are from the 60’s- 90’s and there are some dings, dents, rust.  You have to be into the style and value and not be hung up on it being shiny and perfect.  If you like vintage, this is probably not an issue, but just to mention.  The bike I was retiring was pretty decrepit; my new one is absolutely a Beauty Queen.  I will miss being able to lean my bike up against the side of a building and go in to do my shopping without any fear of someone swiping the bike (really, it was so unlovely that I rarely locked it!)  but the ones I bought last weekend are truly fantastic.  I ended up with an unusually colored brown Schwinn “Tourist” bike, and my daughter with a periwinkle blue wonder with chrome fenders.  We are really pleased with our purchases.  I consider them excellent value.  The two bikes together, with a lock for my bike ended up at $500.  Bikes I looked at ranged from $200-$280, all of them road-ready, often new tires and cables.Vintage Bikes

To make an appointment with Peter Whitley call him at 347.733.2079.  He says once the season starts he sells 35 bikes a week.  Stock is great right now.