Summer Projects Roundup

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My summer projects list was pretty ambitious. For starters, I finally got the porch repainted! Notice how the chair color matches the house? That’s no accident.  I used the house primer on them!  For this application use Alkyd primer, and sand the chairs first, especially if there is rust!

I also wanted to organize and clean up my workshops in the basement, but more importantly to reverse the flow of projects; instead of more and more stuff piling up that I mean to fix, having things leave the basement to either start a new life of usefulness- or resigned to the curb for another soul to try.



And these chairs with the beautiful antique silver finish? (A street find that I stripped down, repaired and refinished) Check! Headed to upholsterer with fabric…



Also, various lamps in my  shop.  This gooseneck lamp has been on the table for months- I kept the industrial chic look with a simple finish treatment- steel wool to remove the rust, and a coating of linseed oil to prevent it from recurring. The oil gives the metal a great sheen. I always re-wire vintage lamps, as older cords can crack and become dangerous, and the plugs often not polarized

IMG_4448   IMG_4456     IMG_4458

Have a lamp you want to resuscitate?  See a previously posted blog on how to re-wire lamps.

I hope your summer was as fruitful!