Salvaging a damaged caned chair

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I like fixing stuff, and resurrecting lost causes.  Most notably I make my line of lamps from bits and bobs and vintage pieces, and turn my attentions to furniture when it’s broken down.  But one thing I have no idea how to fix is caned furniture.  Which is a shame, because I really like it.  But if you live in a busy household with pets and kids and the occasional film crew wreaking havoc, caned chairs can be a bit…temporary.  I have a few of them in the basement waiting for attention.  I really liked the chairs in the dining room, except for that foot-sized issue in the corner.

caned chair

Recaning it would probably be pricey, and I currently don’t have anyone in my rolodex that could do it.  And maybe such a fragile thing was not the best idea for my household.  So I took it to Das, my favorite local upholsterer, with a piece of fabric, and converted it to an upholstered dining chair.

the finished chair

I think it looks really great,  and it was a nice way to save the chair.  It has inspired me to pull the other 2 family antique chairs out of the basement!  They will be getting the same treatment soon.  While I had hesitated before to take such liberties with my grandmother Olive’s nice walnut side chair, now that I see how great this one came out, I think it would be nicer to change it and use it then leave it languishing in the basement with the busted cane.