Turning a new (Nano)Leaf

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Always on the lookout for interesting lighting…


I found this LED bulb at the 2016 ICFF (international contemporary furniture fair).  The bulb is made of flat plates with LED sensors, which        gives it a deconstructed look… sort of like a Tim Burton version of a light bulb.  It has interesting features- both the white and black versions are  dimmable by flipping switch on and off at just the right point. but for added fun, the black model is programmable with a cell phone!  I      personally will never ever use this feature, but it was the perfect gift for a techie friend who will.  I just couldn’t resist pairing the super modern    deconstructed bulb with a lamp I found on Ebay,  which is its total opposite.  The lamp is clearly a Wood Shop project from the 50’s .  The    wood-   circles that make the lamp are a little quirky, but not bad for a hand guided jig saw; it has years of patina on the switch.

What I only just discovered is what a great sense of humor the makers of Nanoleaf  bulbs have.  I was reading the “instruction manual”  and it  just got better and better.

From the user’s guide:

#11.The Nanoleaf One bulb is meant to be out in the open and admired, so it will lash out if  placed into a fully enclosed fixture.

#12.Once the Nanoleaf bulb is damaged, it will be polluted with evil thoughts.  Stop using immediately if the bulb becomes damaged or open, or  experience its terrible wrath and mood swings.

Good to know.