Homeowners are often afraid of choosing color. It has a profound effect in a room, and you can bring about huge design change with a fresh coat of paint. When you want to make a bold, fresh statement, paint delivers the most decorating drama for the dollar. I consider available light, the size and use of the room, and trim details. But mostly I want clients to have colors they love and are drawn to. Sampling a few colors off your usual beaten path can often lead to surprising and pleasing results. Before you know it, you’re living in color! Sometimes a room needs a little something more. I go for the “wow” factor of decorative paint in small spaces like vestibules, stairwells and dressing rooms. I can use stencils, striping and polka dots to upgrade a child’s room with a teen-pleasing twist. There’s no reason to settle for the limitations of striped paper when you get an infinite number of colors and sizes in a durable, seamless finish.